Gotcha Day 3/14/11

Gotcha Day 3/14/11
We are complete

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today we leave

Today is the day we board our plane and leave. We stayed at my aunts house.last night and she dropped us off at the airport. We are so excited to start this chapter in our lives. It feels like a dream. We have been talking about this adoption for 4 and half years and now our dream is coming true. It really feels like we are going to wake up, or the bottom is fall out any minute from under us. Will follow up later....

Friday, March 4, 2011

5 more days

Today we received our passports, with the Chinese Visas, and the remaining paperwork we needed (permission to travel).  Monday we should be receiving our finalized copy of our flight schedule.  We are leaving in Wednesday the 9th for Beijing, we will be there till Sunday the 13th the we fly to Guangzhou, Monday the 14th we will be getting our little princess and then paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork, We will be coming home on the 26 which is my birthday.  What a great present, and Monday is our 13th anniversary, I have to say this is the best anniversary/birthday gift in the world.  Got family staying at my house with the dogs, luggage is packed and ready to go, son is on home studies till the end of April.  Everything is in order. Hopefully I can Facebook my pictures while I am there.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Traveling Confirmed

Today our agency called to confirm that we can leave on the 9th.  They said we will just have to stay 2 extra days, which is fine with us.  Otherwise we will have to wait a week before leaving.  We will be home on the 26th of March, We are so excited.  Don't have  our itinerary yet but it will be on it's way to us tomorrow.