Gotcha Day 3/14/11

Gotcha Day 3/14/11
We are complete

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Well we haven't had much time to get on and blog, as Caydence keeps us very busy. Today Her, Brother and Dad brought mom Starbucks (my favorite) and roses. I feel so blessed to have my 2 kids. I never though in a million years that I would have more than 1 child. I would love to start again only this time requesting twins. After much discussing me and my husband have decided against it.. The main reason is because to have to wait 5+ years for our referral, then waiting 3-5 months for travel is just to long. My daughter is taking 5-6 steps at a time, she is trying to say baby but it still sounds like baba (brother). She loves to play outside. We have been landscaping our backyard so she is having a blast in all the dirt. The weather has been great so we have been spending a lot of time outside. Next month she will be 1. I feel like she is growing up so fast.

She is best friends

with our pug Kaos (AKA Little bitty baby) She loves to sit on him and just pester him when he's asleep. He loves her though, he will just go up to her and kiss her.

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  1. She is so cute in the dog crate with her buddy :)