Gotcha Day 3/14/11

Gotcha Day 3/14/11
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My little princess is turning 1

Well on Monday my little princess is turning 1. I cannot believe how time flies.
Our theme is bumble bees. Me and dad are going to make bumble bee cake pops, pasta salad, 7-layer dip and candy sushi. We are going to have a pool party. We going to decorate our pergola's(2)with black and yellow streamers and balloons, grandma is making potato salad, and we are going to order port-of subs. also going to rent a water slide for brother and the older kids. Should be fun. Caydence weighed about 18 lbs 3 weeks ago, she eats like crazy,she has 4 teeth now, 2 on top and 2 on bottom and is BOSSY. We love her so much. She's growing up so fast. She keeps us occupied i can say that for sure, I barely have time to play my Frontierville on facebook, I have to do it during naps and at night. LOL

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  1. Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating her first birthday together.